Not just pretty

Individual drawing or painting created specialy for your child.

Just pretty

Little, big and bigger prints for kid's room.

For any occasion

Custom invitation cards for kid's birthday, school start or your wedding.


Other projects.

Can a painting help? Artistic visualisation of a child's fantasy world in order to support and accompany them during important stages of their lives.


Children are everything to us. They make our life better, worse, just different. They give us so much and take even more…. but does it really matter, when each smile moves, and each cry breaks our heart? No matter how irrational it may be, our wish is to protect them from all the bad things. Sometimes we can, sometimes we cannot. That feeling of hopelessness however tears us always down.


My work combines my passion for art, literature and my love of children. It always revolves around their imaginary world; so rich, diverse and fascinating it knows no bounds, yet it is fragile and unstable at the same time.


The arrival of siblings, starting school, the loss of a loved one, changes of any kind may jeopardise a child’s emotional balance. I want to embrace this special vulnerability that children have and provide them with comfort and support by projecting it on to a piece of paper. I am convinced that an image, be it a drawing or a painting, can be a source of strength, consolation, motivation or simply joy.

You can commission me to create a drawing or a painting for a child you know. It can be a large painting for its room or something smaller such as an invitation for its birthday.