I was born in Poland and grew up in a little town near Krakow. I had a wonderful childhood spent playing in the mud, chasing mice in potato fields, climbing cherry trees, reading and drawing.


In my teenage years I decided to study architecture and in 2006 I graduated from Krakow’s University of Technology. It was during my first years as an architect that I discovered my passion for detailed but not necessarily technical drawings. The idea of switching from architecture to art was born and has been nagging at me ever since.


A few years ago, when my first daughter Emma was born, the spirit of my childhood days caught up with me. I started to play in the mud, climb and run around again. Emma and Hanna, my second daughter, offered the perfect cover for me.


But most importantly at this time, I gathered up all my courage and decided to devote myself fully to drawing and painting for children.

How do I work:


When I draw for a child it is my greatest wish to create something that will become important to them, something that will remain constant when other things go or change, something that will make the child’s little heart jump. In order to do this I need to get to know the child’s world, I have to investigate first; like a detective searching for clues, following leads, keeping an eye out for hidden, shiny marbles.


In this stage of the work process the person commissioning the works takes on the role of my guide and informer. He or she provides me with all the necessary information either during a casual phone conversation or by filling out a simple questionnaire. The questionnaire includes questions about the size, colour composition, preferred medium, ideas and expectations. If possible, the person commissioning the work should also deliver a selection of photos showing the child in different situations and of the child’s room, favourite things, toys etc.